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Display Message with Data (manual workflow task)


Displays a message and runtime data to an operator. This can be used to request a decision, or used for acknowledgement only.

This is a manual task, and can be called by a Workflow Builder job.




admin engineering operations


name typerequiredinfo
header stringtrueThe header displayed at the top of the modal.
message stringtrueThe message shown at the top of the canvas, below the header. This may be used as instructions for an operator.
body stringtrueThe body shows runtime data to an operator. For example, the output from Tools.makeData could be displayed here.
variables objectThe variables used in the body. Each key represents a variable name, and each value represents the string that will replace it.
btn_success stringtrueThe label for the success button. When used to request a decision or an acknowledgement, this button represents a yes or a continue answer.
btn_failure stringThe label for the failure button. When used to request a decision, this button represents a no or a decline answer. This can be left empty when this task is only used for acknowledgment.


This manual task has no output