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{ "$schema": "", "$id": "git-common", "type": "object", "title": "Common Git Schema", "definitions": { "type": { "type": "string", "description": "The type of Git provider being used", "enum": [ "GitHub", "GitLab" ] }, "repoPath": { "title": "repoPath", "description": "The path in Git to the repository", "type": "string", "examples": [ "github-organization", "gitlabGroup%2FsubGroup" ] }, "branchName": { "title": "branchName", "description": "The name of the branch inside a Git repository", "type": "string", "examples": [ "main" ] }, "projectPath": { "title": "repoPath", "description": "The file path within a Git repository to a project file", "type": "string", "examples": [ "directory%2Fproject.json", "example.json" ] }, "commitMessage": { "title": "commitMessage", "description": "The commit message sent to Git when updating a project", "type": "string", "examples": [ "This is an example commit message." ] } } }