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Show Form and Set Dropdown List Values (manual workflow task)


Display any form created with the Form Builder IAP application. Form dropdown lists display a fixed set of choices. Static dropdown choices can be configured in Form Builder as properties for the control. This task will dynamically set dropdown lists' choices or replace static dropdown lists' choices when the dropdown list is not located in a form table.

This is a manual task, and can be called by a Workflow Builder job.




admin operator


name typerequiredinfo
form_name stringtrueThe form's name. Name is case sensitive and must include any spaces.
instance_data objecttrueData to pre-populate displayed form fields. This JSON object's keys will be matched to the form's keys. Each matching property's value will prepopulate the relevant form field.
provider_data objecttrueChoices for a form's dropdown lists. Dropdown list choices must have a value and can have a name. A name is displayed as a choice in the dropdown, otherwise the value is displayed as a choice. The selected value is always returned for the dropdown form element. Each property's key in this object is matched to a dropdown element's key in the called form, if present. When a match is found, the property's value sets or replaces the dropdown's choices. The value must be an array of either strings or objects. A string is interpreted as a choice with a value and no name. An object is interpreted as a choice with a value and name; it must have properties id for the choice's value and name for the choice's name.