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Get a job by ID


Get a job by ID. Include or exclude fields with the 'include' and 'exclude' parameters. Dereference foreign references with the 'dereference' parameter. Note on dereference parameter: The main function of this parameter is to retrieve extra information on a job that would not ordinarily be included. If the output of a Gen 2 workflow job is needed, the dereference parameter may be given a value of 'output'. This will look up the output of the job and place the resulting value under the 'output' property at the top level of the job document. Note that the output of a Gen 1 workflow job is just its job variables, so the caller may refer to the 'variables' property to obtain that information. If the inputs and outputs of the job's individual tasks are needed, the dereference parameter may be set to 'task'. This will look up all iterations (runs) of each task in the job and place those documents under the 'iterations' array in each task definition in the job. If a job is a child of another job and details on the parent job are needed, the dereference parameter may be given a value of 'parent'. This will place the full parent job document under the property 'parent.job'. Please see the search documentation page for further information:


GET /operations-manager/jobs/:id


admin engineering apiread operations


Name Type Required Description
id string yes ObjectId specifying a job.
queryParameters object yes Optional parameters for projecting fields in the job document.


Name Type Description
job object Job document